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Our communities are filled with resources that tell the story of our culture and heritage. The businesses and organizations within them strive to offer services that enhance our quality of life, yet many people may not know about these resources - or they may have heard stories about their hometown, but have never taken the time to explore it. With the rise of technology we’ve all gained a global reach for information, sometimes at the expense of our local resources that our neighborhoods were built upon. “You Are Here, Now What?” is a book and tool set that enables you, with tips and tricks, to search out the resources in your area, learn more about them and engage with your community. It is a great opportunity for solo exploration, or to enjoy with family members or friends. What is your area known for? What events are happening this month within your community? How do your community resources stack up to other communities? Learn how to answer these questions and hundreds more while adopting an explorer persona and connecting with the community around you.

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